Improving The Quality of Life At Your Home

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Improving The Quality of Life At Your Home.

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Our Goal

Our goal is to offer clients support to achieve a full and complete quality of life. 

    We do this with our commitment to quality care and unconditional respect toward every individual we come in contact with. Thus, we require that our staff meet's the physical, emotional and mental needs of each client. This personalized level of service and commitment is why we are in business.
    This is reflected in the way our services are provided, the relationship established with individuals, the involvement of families and coordinators to maintain a personal-centred approach and to achieve the personalized outcome with everybody's help and support. 
    It is our job to integrate our clients lives by providing services that allow for more community involvement, and to promote independence with a personal center approach based on the individuals needs of each client.
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All Access Home Health Care realizes everyone's situation is different. We take pride in catering our services based on our clients' needs. You have many options for home health care, but when you want experienced professionals who are dedicated to quality care and attention.

    PassionThe highest degree to which our home care professionals are connected to their patients, their purpose, and their team
    IntegrityConsistently honest, respectful and accountable, seeking continuous quality improvement in our programs and services
    TrustExceeding the expectation of every patient, having the best interest of the patient and the community at heart
    TeamworkBlending the knowledge and extraordinary talent of our home care professionals representing a premier team of leaders
    CommunicationCommunicating in a way that builds trust and lasting relationships with our patients, our families, and our community
    ExcellenceCommitted to providing consistent treatment that applies evidence-based practices promoting high-quality, efficient care that puts patients and their families at the center
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Our Philosophy

Our agency Philosophy is guided by the following principles:

    Home health is designed to meet the unique needs of patients and families.
    Services are tailored to assist individual and family to achieve optimal level of function.
    Care is based on respect for the dignity and worth of each individual.
    Services will be provided in the least restrictive setting.
    Patient/family are active participants in the care planning process.


Everyone Deserves Comfortable Living.

Ageing is a process of self discovery... Make it even more exciting!


Personal Care

If you find it hard to maintain good hygiene due to old age or a health condition, let us help you.


Alzhemiers & Dementia Care

If your loved one needs help in feeding, our staff can also be there to assist them.


Chronic Illness Support

Our home care aides are here to make a day productive and enjoyable for your loved ones.


Home Helper

We want to relieve you of your worries regarding your household responsibilities.



We accompany your loved ones and arrange for comfortable transportation to ensure that they arrive promptly and safely.



If you wish to have us take care of your loved ones 24/7, we have caregivers who can aid you.

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Reliable Medical Senior Care.

All Access Home can provide support to achieve a full and complete quality of life for the elderly. 

Our Testimonials

What Our Clients Say.

Read the testimonials of those who have already chosen All Access Home and live trouble-free.

“It was challenging for me to live alone. My children moved to another state, and I was already quite old, to be honest. So I decided to move to a rest home. I chose All Access Home, and have never regretted it. It is really very comfortable here and I never feel lonely.”

  • Nadine Peterson

    77 years

“At the age of 80, I almost completely lost mobility and needed constant care. In this rest home, I got everything I needed. Very nice and polite nurses work here, they always accompany and help me. I undergo treatment, attend procedures and live a full life.”

  • Douglas Clevens

    85 years

“I come to this rest home sometimes when my children are on business trips. However, I am thinking of moving there forever. It's a very quiet and peaceful place with fresh air. Everything looks great for me, there are people with the same interests, a lot of entertainment options. I really like it there.”

  • Amanda Peterson

    65 years



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