Independent Living


In our rest home, there are personal well-equipped rooms for every elderly person. We did our best to make them as comfortable as possible. We have rooms of different levels of comfort, from standard bedrooms to ensuites. 
The rooms in our rest home were designed with all the needs of old people in mind. There are 20 rooms for people with disabilities. By concluding a contract, you choose the room in which you will live. This will only be your room! We offer:

    orthopedic mattresses of different hardness;
    individual showers and baths;
    large and spacious wardrobes;
    fresh newspapers for free;
    drinking water coolers;
    single and shared rooms, ensuites and apartments with kitchen;
    urgent response medical alert buttons;
    high-speed internet connection;
    the ability to regulate temperature and humidity;
    free repair if necessary;

In our rest home, the elderly are provided with maximum comfort. The rooms are equipped with everything necessary for living. There is a choice of rooms according to the design and area of the premises. In addition, in our rest home, residents have the opportunity to bring their belongings, including furniture, electronics, decorations, etc.
All rooms are highly secure. In each room, there's a button to call a nurse urgently 24/7. The LiveCare rest home has its own team of repairmen who will quickly fix any problem. Our residential complex is under constant surveillance. We guarantee maximum comfort and protection for our residents.

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