About LiveCare

Many of us are afraid of aging, and not only because wrinkles appear and it becomes more difficult to concentrate or move. We are afraid of loneliness and the feeling that we are becoming a burden to our children. And many have no children or relatives at all to take care of them.
Rest homes are often the solution, where seniors can live comfortably, communicate with their peers, and continue to enjoy their lives. But no two rest homes are alike. If you really want to give yourself or your loved ones a happy old age, take a look at LiveCare. We are a private rest home in the suburbs of Seattle, surrounded by green forests and lakes.


All premises of our nursing home are equipped so that people with special needs can move comfortably. There are no thresholds, there are handrails everywhere, and if a person cannot move on his or her own, our staff will help. We also have a great medical center with more than 20 doctors on-site, including therapists, gerontologists, massage therapists, podiatrists, and others.

Only highly qualified employees work in the kitchen of our rest home, so the residents eat exceptionally tasty, high-calorie but dietary food, and each resident can get his/her own menu, depending on the recommendations of doctors and personal tastes.

However, the main advantage of our rest house is the community of like-minded people, because, when there are dozens of people of your age nearby, it is extremely easy to find good interlocutors with the same views and beliefs. Staying at LiveCare brings comfort and peace of mind both to our residents and their relatives.

Many older people complain that every day of theirs is similar to the previous one. Shopping, watching TV or reading books, cooking and sleeping – that's all. All this really evokes few positive emotions. At LiveCare, we have a recreation officer who plans a variety of activities and involves our residents in them.
We have chess, a library, and a music room. Every evening, we watch our residents' favorite movies and novelties. From time to time, we organize concerts and various contests. Every day is filled with different activities, communication, and medical procedures. 


    Modern rooms that can be personalized with your own furniture.
    Highly qualified medical staff, including therapists, podiatrists, etc.
    Totally safe environment adapted for the elderly.
    Lots of entertainment options, including chess, reading group, etc.
    Large green walking area in the suburbs of Seattle.
    A diversional therapist aware of your cultural and spiritual beliefs.
    Each our resident has his/her own care plan.
    Shared rooms are available for couples or those who like to share.
    A van for recreational outings and also for shopping for the residents.
    Rooms for sleep-overs for our residents' relatives and friends.

Independent Living

Personal rooms for those who want to live independently and without the worry.


Memory Care

Classes with geriatrologists are held in the most comfortable and supportive environment.


Nursing Assistance

More than 50 nurses in our rest home constantly monitor the health of the elderly. 


Assisted Living

Our attendants will come to the rescue and become excellent companions for the residents.


Sport Programs

Fitness, yoga, swimming and other sports are offered in our nursing home.


Short-Term Programs

For those who are not ready to move to LiveCare yet but want to relax without the worry.

Families and friends of our residents can visit them any day, from 10 am to 7 pm. There is also a well-equipped medical center on the territory of our rest home. We carry out all the necessary procedures and monitor the medication intake. Those of our residents who are not able to take care of themselves on their own receive high-quality medical care and can call a nurse at any time. We know each of our guests by name and are maintaining the most comfortable atmosphere in LiveCare. Our rest home is a great place to meet old age with dignity and enjoy every day.

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